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RIRS is the new technology for the endoscopic removal of stones from the kidney through natural passages, in other words, no hole, no cut, no stitch surgery.

A flexible ureteroscope is passed through a urine pipe into the kidney and stones are fragmented to dust with a laser. The stone pieces are then removed with a basket. As there is no incision/cut the patient's recovery is quick and fast. 100W Holmium laser pulverizes the stone completely leading to high clearance rates with minimum risk and complications.

More than 1500 successful cases


  • Complete stone removal
  • No cuts, no hole, stone removal through the natural passage
  • No need of blood transfusion
  • Same day discharge, Early recovery, Early return to work
  • Safe for patients with blood sugar (Diabetes), High Blood Pressure, heart patients, patients with renal failure


At Patel Hospital, the vast experience of our urologists ensures high success rates with the right procedures for the right stone.

Other Modalities

PCNL(Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy)

PCNL is a technique used to remove stones through a 12 mm hole in the kidney. It is most suitable to remove stones of more than 2 cm in size and which are present near the pelvic region.


4mm size incision stichless | Bloodless | For Large Stones | Cheaper Alternative to RIRS

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