patel hospital
patel hospital

Department of Internal Medicine



  • Diabetology Clinic
  • Diabetic Foot Care
  • Eye Care
  • Heart Care
  • Kidney care
  • Hypertension
  • Pneumonia Care
  • UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) Care Centre
  • Viral Care Centre
  • Infection Care
  • Sepsis Treatment
  • 24*7 Emergency Facility
  • Pulmonary Function testing
  • Bronchial Asthma
  • Allergy
  • COPD
  • TB
  • Blood in Sputum (Hemoptysis)


Department of internal medicine at Patel Hospital is there from the day of Establishment of the hospital in 1975. It is one of the key departments of the hospital and over years, substantial addition of the consultants, staff & facilities have increased. At present there are five full time post- graduate consultants and a number of medical officers in the department. In addition, medical super-specialities like Pulmonology, Cardiology, Endocrinology, Nephrology with respective super specialists are there.



  • Medical department has outpatients department and Indoor facilities.
  • A Well equipped, modular emergency unit is there 24*7 with round the clock, consultants, medical officers and qualified staff to receive and look after serious patients.
  • Patients requiring admission are sent to the well equipped private or general wards depending upon patient's request.
  • In house meals are provided to admit patient under supervision/ guidance of the qualified dietician.
  • Health check up plans for various groups (depending upon age/ sex) is conducted regularly.
  • Medical department has very good allied facilities in state of the art Pathology and Radiology department.
  • Facility of blood bank for whole blood/ components is available to the department of internal medicine.
  • Services of qualified Psychologist are available to the patients requiring psychotherapy/ counselling.

Diabetology Clinic:

Diabetes currently affects more than 62 million indian which is more than 7.1 % of the adult population. The average age at onset is 42.5 years. Nearly i million indians die due to diabetes every year.

India is projected to be home to 109 million individuals with diabetes by 2035. the high incidence is attributed to a combination of genetic susceptibility plus adoption of high calori, low-quality life-style by india's growing middle class


  • Intensive Diabetic care for patients with Type 2 diabetes Nutrition Services
  • Type 1 Diabetes speciality clinic CGMS(Continuous Glucose Monitoring System) Insulin Pump Therapy
  • Early treatment and education for newly diagnosed diabetics
  • Training for self monitoring of blood glucose
  • Comprehensive diabetes education classes

Salient Features :

  • Well established and oldest department of Patel hospital
  • Over years, large number of consultants and super-specialists in the department.


  • About 3000-3200 patients are examined in outpatient department.
  • About 350-400 patients are admitted under Medical department.
  • About 250-300 sick patients are seen in the emergency department and then admitted to the medical wards.
  • Dedicated and qualified doctors and staff provide service to the sick patients round the clock.

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