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Visitor Guidelines


1. Smoking is completely prohibited within the hospital premises.
2. Please do not operate the oxygen/vacuum units yourself.
3. Please do not wash personal clothes in the hospital premises.
4. Please do not give any tips to any hospital staff.
5. All payments and bill settlements must strictly be made at the cash counter only against a proper receipt.
6. All payments should be made in cash/bank draft/valid credit cards.
7. Please maintain silence in the hospital premises.
8. Visiting hours and rules have been developed to ensure that the care of patients is not disrupted. Visitors must abide by the rules.
9. Visitors must park their vehicles in visitor parking areas only.
10. Visitors should refrain from sitting or lying on the patient beds, or floors of patient rooms.
11. Visitors are not permitted in non-patient areas such as utility rooms, nurses’ stations, and kitchens. Visitors may use the cafeteria and waiting area and reserved lounges.
12. No food or beverage may be brought into patient rooms.
13. To protect patients from infections and allergies, visitors are not permitted to bring flowers.
14. Visitors are not permitted to administer any medical treatment(s) to the patient.
15. Visitors are not to consume alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs, litter, or loiter in the hallways while within the hospital.
16. Children below the age of 13 are not allowed as visitors.
17. For reasons of infection control, we can accommodate only one attendant with the patient at a time, except during visiting hours.
18. Please switch off your phones, pagers, beepers, and other wireless equipment in patient areas and the Intensive Care zones in the hospital, such as the CCU / ICCU / NICU / CTVs ITU as these interfere with the sophisticated patient monitoring systems.
19. Please avoid bringing costly items like cell phones, jewelry, or valuable items to the hospital. There might be a chance of losing/misplacing them. The hospital authority will not be responsible for any such loss/misplacements.
20. Please do not make use of candles, dhoop, agarbattis, lighters, matchboxes, etc. as they are a potential hazard in a hospital and can also trigger our sensitive smoke-detecting system.
21. Visitors to patients in an isolation area are subject to isolation guidelines. Visitors should check with the patient’s nurse for specifics.
22. Nursing staff may restrict the number of visitors if the condition of the patient in the room requires it.
23. Please co-operate with Security Staff and the liftmen.
24. Please use the staircase while coming down.

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