Patel Advanced Cancer Institute – Jalandhar

Comprehensive Cancer Care Centre in Jalandhar Punjab

At Patel Hospital we are committed to fulfilling this promise and serving the people of North-western India and leading the battle against cancer. We have been the region’s first dedicated comprehensive cancer and had the first Linac (radiation therapy machine) in 2005. Till date we have treated more than 10,000 patients, also added IGRT/IMRT to our armamentarium. We specialize in 3-D Image-guided brachytherapy for superior results with decreased side effects. We have PET-CT that allows our doctors to accurately stage the disease and plan the appropriate therapy and subsequently monitor results. We are the only centre in Punjab to provide Robotic Cancer surgery for patients with prostate, bladder, head and neck, stomach and esophageal cancers which leads to faster patient recovery and decreased complications.

We offer the full spectrum of cancer prevention, cancer screening services and standard-of-care world-class cancer treatment services. Our doctors are compassionate individuals who are extensively trained at reputed national and international centers. They have been recognized and feted as experts in their field and are national faculty on some of the most prominent oncology-specialized organizations. You can rest assured that they will provide the most advanced and up-to-date cancer care for your loved ones.

Patel Hospital’s mission statement is “Comprehensive, compassionate, dedicated and efficient patient care with latest health care techniques”.

We believe that no cancer patient should be denied treatment due to economic or societal constraints, and to this effect, we are empanelled with multiple private and governmental agencies to provide cashless care to the people. For the indigent population, we have partnered with NGOs to significantly subsidize cancer care for we believe in the future potential of all cancer patients to become functional individuals who can further contribute to society. We are the only centre to have cancer support groups for cancer survivors and their families that also helps with rehabilitation post-cancer treatment and re-adjustment to regular life.

For any Cancer-related query, please call us at our 24×7 cancer helpline number – 9216284444 / 0181-5241000


Patel Hospital is a superspeciality and cancer hospital, and robotic surgery center. Combining highly-qualified medical talent and state-of-the-art equipment, we offer affordable, superior medical care, all under one roof.

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