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Kidney Transplantation – When to decide if you need to go for a Kidney Transplant?

We know that the kidney performs the vital function of removing unwanted waste, fluid, and minerals from the blood. A person can get high blood pressure and kidney failure (end-stage renal disease) if the kidneys stop functioning normally. Dialysis is a procedure that has to be done lifelong to get the waste removed from the blood. A better alternative to dialysis is a kidney transplant by which a healthy kidney from a donor replaces a diseased kidney in a person.

If you have been diagnosed with end-stage renal disease and are considering a kidney transplant, you need to visit the Best Kidney Transplant Centre in Jalandhar. The kidney specialists there will assess your condition to see whether you are eligible for such a procedure.

To know when you should go for a kidney transplant, you need to collect all information relevant to the disease as your first step. To guide you, we provide here all the relevant data you need to know about kidney transplants.

Common symptoms of end-stage kidney disease

With the disease’s progress, you may get the following symptoms:

1. Reduced appetite

2. Nausea and vomiting

3. Tiredness and weakness

4. Changes in sleep patterns

5. Cramps in muscles

6. Visible swelling in feet and ankles

7. High blood pressure

If you have any such symptoms, get a thorough checking at the Best Kidney Transplant Hospital in Jalandhar to confirm whether you have end-stage kidney disease. 

Reasons why you could get end-stage kidney disease

1. If you always have high blood sugar levels, your kidneys’ filters could suffer damage resulting in kidney failure in the long run

2. Constant high blood pressure can disrupt the filtering process to cause kidney failure

3. In some cases, a hereditary condition called polycystic kidney disease can create large cysts in the kidneys that can prevent the normal functioning of the kidneys

4. Artery blockages may also cause kidney failure

Why is a kidney transplant a better option compared to dialysis?

Too much accumulation of waste products can be life-threatening, and therefore, you need a proper treatment method to remove them. Dialysis is a treatment procedure in which a device filters the blood, and then the clean blood is again injected into the body. This process is not only time-consuming but can also cause infections and other side effects to your body.

Advantages of a kidney transplant

1. It provides a better life-quality

2. The success rate is more

3. There are not too many dietary restrictions

4. The costs are not too high comparatively

So, if you want to live a better, more active life and avoid the tedious, risky procedure of dialysis, you should consider getting a kidney transplant. Visit the Best Kidney Transplant Centre in Jalandhar at Patel Hospital to see if you are eligible for a transplant.

The kidney center you visit will make an assessment based on these points:

1. Whether your body is fit to bear the transplant procedure and the medications needed post-surgery, such as immunosuppressants (anti-rejection medicines)

2. If you have any underlying conditions that could hinder the procedure

Deciding to undergo a kidney transplant is an excellent decision since it offers a better chance to reduce your suffering and gain a healthy life. Patel Multi Super Speciality Hospital is the best Nephrology hospital in Jalandhar, with one of the best success rates for kidney transplants. The hospital is equipped with cutting-edge equipment that its highly-qualified doctors use to perform kidney transplants. Patients admitted for surgery can expect to receive world-class health care along with the best amenities. They can look forward to a healthy and active life after undergoing the transplant at the hospital.

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