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Stress incontinence is the inability to control your urge to urinate in certain circumstances. It’s a serious and embarrassing disorder and can lead to social isolation. Any pressure placed on the abdomen and bladder can lead to the loss of urine.


Urodynamic testing or urodynamics is a study that assesses how the bladder and urethra are performing their job of storing and releasing urine.


WHAT IS TRANSOBTURATOR TAPE ! This is a narrow strip of synthetic material placed in your body to support the urethra. How likely is it that a transobturator tape will cure incontinence?

In women who have incontinence due to weakness in the pelvic floor and poor support of the urethra (i.e. "genuine stress incontinence"), 8 or 9 o u t o f 1 0 w o m e n s h o u l d b e completely dry or much better after surgery than before. Nine out of every 10 women are able to be as active as they l i ke af ter pl ac ement of a transobturator tape e.g. lift children, dance or exercise. As a result, 19 out of every 20 women are satisfied by the results of the procedure .

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