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Department of Internal Medicine

Dr. Daljit Chauhan

MBBS, PGDHS (Diabetology)
Consultant Diabetologist

Specialist In

Management of Diabetes & its complication

Dr. Daljit Chauhan did her graduation from Govt. Medical College, Patiala and her Post Graduate Diploma in Health Sciences (PGDHS) in Diabetology from Annamalai University, Chennai. She did her Diplomat National Board (DNB) training in Internal Medicine from Patel Hospital under NBE, New Delhi.

She has done certified course in Diabetology from Royal college Accredited course series, by American Diabetes Association. She also attended 2nd Advanced Certificate Course in Diabetology (2nd ACCD) organized by Cleveland Clinic, USA.

She is a member of various associations like Indian Medical Association (IMA), Diabetic Foot Association (IDFA) etc. She has attended various National conferences & workshops.

Presently she is managing the Diabetic clinic at Patel Hospital along with managing routine medical cases and medical emergencies. The Diabetic clinic provides comprehensive Diabetes care, which includes Diabetes education, Diabetes foot care, Diabetes eye care, Diabetes heart care & Diabetes Kidney care. Her main area of focus is Diabetes education & Diabetes foot care which includes identification of foot at risk and prevention of foot infections.

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