Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation


The department of Physiotherapy at Patel Hospital was established in 2003, at present it is staffed by one Physiotherapist & one assistant .Physiotherapy in particular works towards the independence & increased autonomy of the patients. It aims to develop, maintain & restore movements & functional ability.


    • Laser Therapy
    • TENS
    • Interferential Therapy
    • Ultrasonic Therapy
    • Shortwave Diathermy
    • Hydro collateral Packs
    • Muscle Stimulation therapy
    • Paraffin Wax Bath
    • Traction : Cervical & Lumbar
    • Parallel Bar
    • Quadriceps Table
    • Hand & Foot Exerciser
    • Continuous Passive Mobilizer
    • Shoulder Wheel
    • Wall Ladder
    • Static Cycle


  • Modification in departmental infrastructure, addition of advanced­ technology like LASER THERAPY department participates in free camps organized by hospital & given presentations on different exercise programs like Antenatal exercises, Post mastectomy exercises, cancer rehabilitation exercises program etc.
  • Strengthen exercises with Therabands
  • Paediatrics rehabilitation – CP, Autism, GBS
  • Advance Neuro Rehabilitation Technique – Neuro developmental techniques,( NDT) Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation techniques (PNF) , Motor Relearning Program ( MRP) for Neuro Patients, gait rehabilitation
  • Postural correction exercises or advices
  • Cancer Patient Rehabilitation.


  • Advanced technology like LASER THERAPY.
  • Basic & Advance Rehabilitation Programs.
  • Ergonomic Consultation.
  • Gait training with feedback Mirror.
  • Individually tailored rehabilitation programs, patient education & further injury/ re-injury prevention guidance.

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