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Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among women in India and has overtaken Cancer of the cervix to gain the top spot. It is slowly crawling into almost every household with around 150, 000 new cases being diagnosed every year in India.

Many women in India who are detected with breast cancer usually do not have any knowledge about their condition. Moreover, even if they suspect it, they do not feel free to talk about it openly due to the stigma attached to breast cancer and also because of the strong sense of denial. It is not surprising; therefore, that the tumor gets detected in advanced stages, which is drastically affecting the survival rate and treatment options for the patients. It is possible with Mammography to detect breast lumps at an early stage, and Breast Biopsy for not only detecting type of tumor but also receptor status.

Our Surgical Unit specializes in the entire array of breast surgeries that are known, including breast biopsies, mastectomies (simple, skin-sparing, nipple sparing), breast conservation surgeries and axillary dissections, etc. All options are discussed during a preoperative counselling session and the best modality is agreed upon. The Option of inserting a central venous access device (Chemoport) is also broached during these discussions, for ease of chemotherapy.

In early-stage cancers ,one can choose between breast-conserving surgery (BCS) and mastectomy. The main advantage of BCS is that a woman keeps most of her breast. But in most cases she will also need radiation.The surgical team works in close support of medical oncology and radiation oncology team to provide best results for the patients.

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