Scarless Lung Surgery for the first time in Jalandhar, Punjab

Patel Hospitals Dr. Akshay Kumar, who recently joined as the Director of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery outdid himself when he performed the first Video-Assisted Thoracic Surgery in the city of Jalandhar. The Surgery made sure that the young male would breathe easily and normally. Surgery for the Lung were performed in the past which left the patient with a large scar, took a long time to heal, the patient spent a greater number of days in the hospital and the recovery was often delayed. The present challenging case was performed by Dr. Kumar using the latest minimally invasive approach.

A 32-year-old gentleman was under the treatment of Dr. Amandeep Singh, who is the Chief of Interventional Pulmonology at the city’s famous Patel Hospital. The patient was diagnosed with Pulmonary tuberculosis in March 2021 and started on Anti-tuberculous treatment. Despite being on treatment over the last  3 months, his condition showed little improvement and he developed fluid in his right chest which was almost covering his entire right lung. The underlying lung was severely compressed and there was this rim all around it which prevented the lung from normal expansion. As per Dr. Amandeep, it was suggested that the patient undergo surgery to remove the fluid and release the underlying entrapped lung as there was a chance of extensive fibrosis and permanent right lung damage. Also, the fluid around the lung could get infected and form pus if it was not removed.

   Typically, such a case would be performed with an open thoracotomy procedure which would often result in a large and unpleasant scar with a risk of wound infection. Dr. Kumar decided to perform the procedure using a camera through a small 2cm incision. There is always a possibility of converting into open procedures and risk of damage to lung or vascular structures in thoracoscopic surgery. The patient however had successful surgery, where 2 liters of fluid was removed and the underlying entrapped lung was released. Post-procedure the lung had complete expansion as seen in the chest X-ray. Presently, the patient is undergoing rehabilitation and recovering well.  He will need to complete his entire course of Anti-tuberculous treatment.

Patel Hospital has a fully functional Department of Pulmonology which offers a wide range of Interventional, Thoracic (Oncological), and Surgical procedures for tuberculosis. Dr. Kumar and Dr. Amandeep believe that this would not have been possible without the vision of the founders of Patel Hospital including Dr. SK Sharma, Dr. BS Chopra, Dr. Swapan Sood, Dr. Shamit Chopra, the entire staff of the hospital and last but not the least the patient and his family who trust the care and humanistic approach practiced there.


  • TBNA – Transbronchial Needle Aspiration
  • EBUS – Endobronchial ultrasound
  • Bronchoscopies
  • Asthma & Allergies, COPD
  • TB, Pneumonia (Infective Diseases)
  • Pleural diseases & pneumothorax
  • Interstitial Lung Disease
  • Lung Cancer
  • Covid Care


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